Monday, 23 January 2012

Beer and Food Resolutions

I don’t normally make ‘new year’ resolutions, viewing time as a continuum and you should therefore just try to get on with things you want or intend to do, whatever season of the year it is. But I can appreciate that they do help to give structure and focus, and it seems a few have formed themselves unbidden around the end of last year, rising up as beacons of inspiration out of the ‘dark days’ at the end of the old year, when my mind was free to wander from within the cozy confines of my slanket.
And unsurprisingly, they revolved around beer and food.

Being a cautious person by nature, I tend to commit to things only when I’ve given it a few weeks to mull over, but as it now is a few weeks into the ‘new year’ and thoughts of these still haven’t gone away, I guess I’ve found my resolutions:
  1. Make More Soup
  2. Move towards Homebrewing from Kit to Malt Extract
  3. Make concrete plans to visit some of the beer and food places on my ‘must do’ list (and first, make a list!)
  4. And lastly, write up some of my previous beer and food adventures before I forget what I did where and when
Some of these are easy to do, some will take a little more time and a good bit of mental prodding, but I can see the benefit of having something to focus on for those periods when you’re full of enthusiasm and energy to do something, you’re just not sure what – like an excited puppy bounding around not knowing which rabbit, squirrel or pigeon to chase, ending up tiring itself out while not having caught any booty at the end of it! So I aim to catch me some soup or homebrew booty, adventure a bit more, and collate some of my adventuring for later reminiscing. We’ll see how it goes!

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