Thursday, 2 February 2012

Resolution 4 – Write up previous adventures

My last resolution is undoubtedly going to be the most difficult to fulfil - to write up some of my previous beer and food adventures before I forget what I did where and when. But one of the reasons I was motivated to start a blog was to have a repository for the finds I make along the way, both because it's nice to have a record, and so that it will maybe be of use to anyone else visiting some of the same places I've been to.
I have endless notebooks full of eagerly-recorded details of meals in restaurants abroad, leaflets picked up on brewery tours, scribbled tasting notes of beers, photos in sunshiney orchards at cider fairs – but it would be so good to get these down into a more readable form, before I forget any of the ephemeral details and impressions that go with them.
It's hard to know where to start, but I am going to try to focus on writing up a couple of recent trips, where craft beer (whatever 'craft' means ;-) and food exploring were high on the agenda. Though somehow, even if these things aren't the intended focus of an outing, they always emerge as a strong theme throughout whatever I'm doing.
So maybe I will get the time and motivation together and aim for a few specific trip reports as a first step into this Resolution: e.g. Prague, Japan, Belgium, Hamburg, Dublin – at least I'll then have a central place to look if someone asks which bars in Prague had the best selection on tap, or where to get some hearty food with a decent beer while in Hamburg. I might write up some shopping finds and dining out explorations too – will have to see where inspiration springs from first, which may well be Belgium as I'll be on my way there again pretty soon – looking forward to the Rochefort 10 already!

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